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We provide full site analysis, application and engineering support from product inception to implementation, including turnkey design, cabling, installation and testing and commissioning projects.


Each of our products has the potential to function solely as a stand-alone element, but when integrated with your other security solutions, the ability to perceive and address security concerns is multiplied.

Card Access, CCTV & Intrusion

Card access systems come in a variety of forms these days. While many are familiar with magnetic stripe (or swipe card readers), the card access industry is moving more toward touchless systems.

Turnstile & Pedestrian Barrier Provisions

High performance turnstiles are another pedestrian access solution provided by turnstile installer acom. Full-height turnstiles are a great solution to prevent unauthorized     access in an outdoor environment.

Visitor Management Systems

Acom Visitor Management System allow organizations to automate the entire process of registering a visitor, printing a badge and capturing detailed information in seconds by simply scanning an ID.

Server Room Monitoring Systems

Acom Systems supply and install automated server room               monitoring systems that remotely monitor a range of                       conditions in computer rooms, server rooms and                         other critical facilities.

Public Address Systems

Public Address Systems are not only used for public buildings with a high number of visitors, but are also used more and more for public address and entertainment systems.

SMS Monitoring Systems

If any threshold is reached or critical status detected the systems will notify you by email, SMS text message or SNMP enabling you to take appropriate action.


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