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Gibraltar Barriers & Security Products

Gibraltar started with one simple idea; provide a product of superior quality, that is cost effective and easy to install.

From that simple idea, many innovative and effective products have been developed for highway safety and perimeter security solutions. Gibraltar continues to design, test and certify new products yearly to meet the growing security demands in the United States and around the world!

    Acom offers many different types of bollards for pedestrian and vehicular control. Our bollard systems have been used all over the globe to protect high value assets from vehicular attack. Acom offers standard foundation, shallow foundation, tamper-proof and actuated bollards for use in protecting vital assets. Our anti-ram bollards have been tested and engineered to meet both Department of State (DoS) and Department of Defense (DoD) critical infrastructure protection standards and requirements. Our bollards are available with M30 P1 (K4), M40 P1 (K8) and M50 P1 (K12) ratings. These anti-ram bollards are an important part of a force protection/anti-terrorism (ATFP) and hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) strategy for protection of vital resources.

    Acom G-1150 Shallow Passive Bollard, which is M50 P1 (K12) certified, is listed on the DoD USACE Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List. This bollard has a shallow foundation of only 12", making it one of the shallowest ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1 (K12) certified bollards available on the market. The G-1150 shallow mount avoids disruption or relocation of existing underground utilities.

    Our bollards are excellent for controlled vehicular access and physical/perimeter security applications. We offer removable bollard configuration and an actuated folding "pop-up" bollard which can operate with electric or hydraulic actuation. Our bollards are typically installed with a minimum of 3 bollards per array. Multiple bollards may be used to cover an extended distance. The bollards can be finished to complement existing structures and architecture if added as a security upgrade.

Industry-Leading Security Bollards

    Acom vehicle bollards can be hot-dipped galvanized or paint/powder coated depending on customer specifications.

Let Acom provide security bollards for your anti-ram vehicle barrier needs.

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