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Flatscan DF80 - SV | DV

Medical Examiners, Hospitals and Forensic Police

    X-ray technology developed exclusively for Medical Examiners, Hospitals and Forensic Police.

    With the objective of assisting the coroner's process in the preparation of the autopsy report, the FLATSCAN arguably reduces the time of the investigation for the cause of death of the individual, with more precision, less investment and with reduced operating costs and infrastructure, so as not to require a radiology technician or a special room for operation.

The Flatscan DF-80 SV / DV is a revolutionary whole body digital x-ray system, designed specifically for forensic screening. DV series allows AP (front to back) and lateral imaging acquisition without any contact or movement of the body. This portable system is self-contained and advanced self-shielding technology permits operation without the need for a special or exclusive room to operate in.

Dimensions SV: 4760mm (L) / 1480mm (W) / 1950mm (H)
Dimensions DV: 4902mm (L) / 1770mm (W) / 1950mm (H)
Weight SV: 1650kg / DV: 3000kg
Tunnel Size 800mm (W) / 800mm (H)
Power 67 kVA

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